Photo Album Waiver

By submitting my entry, I agree to authorize CU Rocky Mountain OB-GYN and its affiliates to edit, publish, display and use my entry, which includes (if authorized) my full name, my spouse/partner’s name, the name of my child/children, and the attached photographs.

I understand that CU Rocky Mountain OB-GYN may release this information to other social media sites, to its website and to any other company that promotes CU Rocky Mountain OB-GYN including, without limitation, to any news media, all of which may not be subject to the same federal health privacy laws.

I additionally understand that, once published or released, CU Rocky Mountain OB-GYN has no control over who views or uses the information. I further understand that CU Rocky Mountain OB-GYN cannot condition treatment or payment on whether I submit this information and that my healthcare or payment for healthcare will not be affected by my refusal. I also understand that submitting my photograph(s) does not entitle me to any monetary or other compensation.

By submitting this entry, this authorization shall remain in effect for five years, and I understand that I can revoke the use of this information at any time by submitting a written revocation to CU Rocky Mountain OB-GYN, which will be effective upon receipt by CU Rocky Mountain OB-GYN.